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The SSB would like to welcome all our new members and old members in new roles -
Steve Stringer – Piano
Phil Thorsen – Guitar
Eli Womble – Drums
Will Edmonds – 2nd Tenor
Steve Owens – Bari Sax
Data Goldstein – 2nd Trombone
Desmond Harrell – 2nd Trumpet
Sam Kyzer – moved from 2nd Tombone to 3rd Trumpet (a man of many talents - we’ve heard him on piano, he leads the band in Doc’s absence - which is no small feat - and I hear he plays bass too)

These people all bring great skills to our band, improving our sound in a big way.

We’ll be working to update the site with the new faces in the group.  Populating photo and especially video galleries with new media will take some time, but we’ll get to that soon. For now, we have the main webpage and some new photo galleries with our newest member mixed in with some of our very oldest members (you know who you are, Bob).

Feel free to leave comments – that’s what this site is designed for.  Let us know if you find any typos or have problems viewing any of the media.  Don’t forget you’ll need the Adobe Flash Player plug-in for your browser to be able to watch the videos in the Video Gallery.

Thanks to our members for being so generous with their time (and to our significant others for allowing us play) and to everyone who supports the Salisbury Swing Band.

Hope to see you at a gig sometime soon.

2 Responses to News and Updates

  1. Bonnie Harper says:

    Enjoyed shagging to your beach songs played at the annual “Pops at the Post!” Great
    band/orchestra :)

  2. Mike Engl says:

    We loved your music and talent at the Rocky River Vineyard. Can’t get enough of your music. Do you have any CD’s that we can buy?

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