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Spring 2016

Spring 2016 finds our band ever-evolving, yet still focused on the same goals.  We continue to strive to put on an enjoyable show, playing charts that make our audience want to get up and dance. We’ve undergone a serious repertoire shift, retiring many older charts in favor of more richly orchestrated female vocal charts.  We’re especially proud of the wonderful new charts we’ve added from the Rosemary Clooney / Nelson Riddle collection. Ms. Millspaugh really shines on those and many others.

Along with the change in repertoire came a change in personnel.  We’d like to welcome to the band Ashton Alexander playing 4th Trumpet and Michael Downum playing 2nd Trombone.  Both Ashton and Michael are current Catawba College students, so we continue to fulfill our corporate charter to support the education of younger people. We’re also thrilled welcome back our former bassist, Corky Waugh, who is now back with us as our full-time bassist. Corky had some scheduling conflicts a few years ago and had to leave us, but he’s back now. That being said, you might see our former full-time bassist, Scott Van Hatten playing with us from time to time. Scott remains active with us and we’re very happy to have two bassist of such high quality associated with our band. We should have some other personnel announcements soon as we have several new saxophonists rehearsing with us, working to fill two sax chairs we currently have open.

We’ll be working to update the site with the new faces in the group.  Populating photo and especially video galleries with new media will take some time, but we’ll get to that soon. For now, we have the main webpage and some new photo galleries with our newest member mixed in with some of our very oldest members (you know who you are, Bob).

Feel free to leave comments – that’s what this site is designed for.  Let us know if you find any typos or have problems viewing any of the media.  Don’t forget you’ll need the Adobe Flash Player plug-in for your browser to be able to watch the videos in the Video Gallery.

Thanks to our members for being so generous with their time (and to our significant others for allowing us play) and to everyone who supports the Salisbury Swing Band.

Hope to see you at a gig sometime soon.

2 Responses to News and Updates

  1. Bonnie Harper says:

    Enjoyed shagging to your beach songs played at the annual “Pops at the Post!” Great
    band/orchestra :)

  2. Mike Engl says:

    We loved your music and talent at the Rocky River Vineyard. Can’t get enough of your music. Do you have any CD’s that we can buy?

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